ultimate bridal bucks

Every Bride or Groom attending the Ultimate Bridal Show will receive $500 in free Bridal Bucks! These bucks can be used to purchase goods and/or book services from Exhibitors at the show so that you can SAVE on your wedding expenses (and who couldn’t use a little help with THAT?) A list of participating Exhibitors and their offers will be posted below. But first….

How Does it Work?

Be prepared to possibly book with Exhibitors at the show, or within one week of the show (when Bridal Bucks expire), so that you can save on your wedding. The list of Bridal Bucks Exhibitors and their specific Bridal Bucks offers will be posted here on our site and also in the Bridal Guide that you’ll receive when you enter the show. As you walk around the Ballroom, you’ll notice signs at participating Exhibitors’ booths that say “Spend Your Bridal Bucks Here!”, so you’ll know where you can spend your bucks! Be sure to ask each Bridal Bucks Exhibitor what their offer is if you’re not sure, because each offer will be a little different. They’ll be happy to explain it! You can use SOME or ALL of the $500 in Bridal Bucks. Happy Saving!

See below for the Bridal Bucks Savings given away at our September 8th show! l 2019!

fall 2019 bridal bucks exhibitors & offers:


Maddie Mills Photography:  $250 BB = $50 OFF your package

Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food:  $100 BB = $50 OFF a Rocket Wedding Package (to a max. of $500 BB = $250 OFF a Package if booked by October 8, 2019)

 The Party Bus: $50 BB = Save the Tax!

 Vertical Xpression:  Message Vendor for details by clicking here!

 Orangetheory Fitness:  $50 BB = Free Core Heart Rate Monitor, with purchase of Elite/Premier Membership

 Ever After Bridal Boutique:  $200 BB = $200 OFF a Bridal Gown (new orders only)

 Nathan Eddy Photography:  Message Vendor for details by clicking here!

 Magical Trips by Charlene:  $500 BB = $500 OFF a Destination Wedding

 HomePort Apartment Hotel:  $50 BB = $50 off Lighthouse Boardroom Rental $50 BB = $50 off any Guest Suite (new bookings only - *must be hotel direct)

 Anja Sajovic Photography:  $50 BB = FREE Engagement Photo Shoot (with wedding booking)

 The Wilds:  $500 BB = $250 OFF your Rental Booking (new bookings only) and $500 BB = $500 OFF Rental Bookings for May 2021 (new bookings only)

 Wedding Ceremonies by Colleen:  $25 BB = 10% OFF your booking

 Aura Weddings:  $50 BB = Save the Tax!

 King’s Photography & More:  Message Vendor for details by clicking here!

 To You, From Me NL:  $25 BB = 15% Off orders of $100 or more OR $25 BB = FREE Envelope Upgrade on any Invitation order (Bride’s Choice)

 Once in a Lifetime Travel:  $100 BB = $100 OFF Your Honeymoon (min. value $3000, excluding Sandals) and $500 BB = $500 OFF a Destination Wedding (min. 10 Rooms)

 The Ivory Suite Bridal Boutique:  $200 BB = $200 Off (new orders only)

 Captures:  $300 BB = $150 OFF your Package if booked on September 8, 2019, $300 BB = $100 OFF your Package if booked by September 15, 2019

 Saltwater Designs:  $50 BB = Save the Tax!

 White Willow Photography:  $BB = $$ Match dollar for dollar, up to a max. of $250 OFF Wedding Packages.

 Indigena:  $50 BB = $10 Off any Product Kit

 People Places & Things:  Message Vendor for Details by clicking here!

Chatters: Use your Bridal Bucks to purchase a Chatters Gift Card, BB$ for $$ match! (e.g $50 BB = $50 Gift Card)

Clarke Floral Design: Message Vendor for Details by clicking here!